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Our goal at COBA is to help you find local, qualified building professionals for your home or building projects.  We welcome you to explore the site and discover what makes COBA your #1 source for building information and professionals.

No Manipulated User Reviews Here!

We do this by taking a fresh approach to presenting the facts about your local building professionals. Whether you are looking to verify that a company is licensed or you are looking for professionals with specific qualifications, you will find it here.  Our information is certified by COBA, so if a company is advertising that they have won an award or has achieved a certification, the research is done for you.


There are two easy ways to search for building professionals and suppliers.

  1. Free form search – you can use the free form search to enter any word and we will build a results list that matches the word you entered.
  2. Category search – The most commonly used search terms are in the list box under the free form search.  Note: Our search is not limited to large companies, even small companies that don’t have a website can now be found.


COBA promotes better building practices by educating consumers about the benefits of using credentialed professionals and then making it easy to find those professionals. Our goal is to make it easy for the consumer to make the right buying decision.

Why a Qualified professional is important:

  • Fewer Project Problems
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Improved Family Health
  • More Functional Spaces
  • Better Home Access
  • Higher Return on Investment

Step 1:  Review the Company’s Credentials and Awards

The building industry is complex and the needs of consumers differ; therefore, it is important to find a professional that has the right qualifications for your unique project needs.  We group qualifications into 3 types.


A step beyond building association members are designations and credentials earned by building professionals. With this icon, they have been awarded specific credentials verified by COBA.

green_iconCertified Green Professional

This icon indicates that they have been certified in ‘Green Building’.


This icon recognizes true and verified awards the company has won.

Step 2:  Check the Contractor’s License

If a professional is doing work that affects the structure of your home or landscape, they must have an active Construction Contractors Board (CCB) license and be properly insured and bonded. COBA provides direct links to the State of Oregon CCB.


COBA makes it easy for consumers to connect with local companies in the building industry. Convenient access to company phone numbers, address, Google map, website link and Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB).