Member Benefits and Discounts

First and foremost, COBA exists to support The Building Industry & assure economic stability for the community. Joining COBA utilizes resources that you wouldn’t normally have on your own. We promote & support policies that directly affect the industry which could help keep cost down for the builders/subs and in turn keep home prices down for the community.  Take advantage of our many money savings benefits and utilize us for advertising! In many instances, members will save the cost of membership within the first few months! We want to help you save money, educate, support and assure that our industry is stable for the entire community. If you live, work or build in Central Oregon you should be a COBA Member!


Fuel Discounts

  • You could be saving the cost of your membership in a short period of time with fuel savings alone! COBA offers its members a Fuel Plan with average savings of 40¢ per gallon.

Group Health Insurance Discounts

  • COBA Group Health Plans are saving members on average up to 20% off other employer health plans!

Workers Comp Discounts

  • Save 9% on your annual premium with SAIF workers comp!

COBA Plan, Print & Bid Center

  • Members receive discounts on all prints and have exclusive access to our online-bid center, weekly permits, job opportunities and access to the COBA directory.

“I saved the cost of our COBA Membership within
a couple of months just by utilizing the Plan Center

and discounted printing rates!”
-Dan Goodrich, Structure Development

Cell Phone Discounts

  • Save up to 22% off your Business Cell Phone Plan!

CCB Continuing Education

  • COBA Members receive Free continuing education!


Along with these benefits and discounts, COBA also offers its members political advocacy, networking opportunities, marketing/advertising & sponsorship, Spring Home & Garden Show discounts, the COBA Tour of Homes advertising, Chefs on Tour discounts and more!


Contact Emily today for more information!

2019 Member Benefits Flyer