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Steve Bennett Builders
611 SE Business Way
Bend, OR 97702
Phone: 541-383-5833
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Since 1985, I have enjoyed the process of building relationships with my clients and orchestrating the construction of their custom home. I take the physical aspect of building the home very seriously, but cherish the long term relationship that evolves with my clients. My commitment to this relationship is a forever stand - as long as the clients own their home, I will be available.

I have worked with clients of all age groups and have built homes of many varying design features. With a degree in Nuclear and Civil Engineering from Oregon State University and a background in analytical engineering, I love the challenge presented in custom home building and thrive on creating the best team of workers required to complete the job. 

"Steve is not only an impressively talented contractor, showing much attention to detail, staying efficient, timely and within budget constraints, bringing both an engineering and an artistic side to his homes...but he is also a stellar individual. You could not find a more honest, ethical and conscientious person who truly cares about his finished product and his clients." -Homeowner and friend

Community Involvement

My dad is not one to boast but I will gladly brag for him:

"My dad coached my brother and I in every sport we played from the time we could walk until high school. He was the President of Central Oregon Junior Golf Association for many years and loved giving back to that community. He and my mom hosted a youth group at our house for 8 years while my brother and I completed middle school and high school. My dad is heavily involved in his church family and uses it as an outlet for giving back to the Central Oregon community and also regional and international missions. Ask anyone who knows him or read some of the testimonials on his website: there's no one more selfless than my dad." -Max Bennett, Steve's youngest son

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In business since: 1999
Business Type: C-Corp
License Type: CCB
License #: 135585
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