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Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management
869 NW Wall St, Ste 204
Bend, OR 97701
Phone: 541-388-9888
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Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management is a full service, independent financial planning and investment advisory firm headquartered in Bend, Oregon. With offices in Portland, Bend and John Day, Northwest Quadrant Wealth Management has online, phone and walk-in support and management. The firm's roots go back to 1964 and continue to be based on the solid ground of absolute honesty and a thorough understanding of each clinet's values, financial goals and risk tolerance. Our servies start with a personal consultation and continue through the preparation of a written financial plan as well as ongoing asset allocation and portfolio management. We believe that dealing with a conscientious, caring and qualified professional, is the key to successful investing and wealth preservation. We view ourselves as part of a team that may include your attorney and accountant, all working toward helping you accomplish your great goals of life through the proper deployment of resources.

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Business Type: C-Corp
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