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O'Brien & Comapny & Open Concept Architecture
PO Box 4008
Willsonville, OR 97070
Phone: 541-316-0701
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Since our inception in 1981, O’Brien & Company has specialized in construction with high owner involvement and team integration, allowing the owner to achieve maximum benefit from their construction budget. We are passionate about building exciting projects such as wineries, breweries, distilleries, hotels, restaurants, homes and schools.

When you choose the powerful combination of O’Brien Design-Duild, you’re getting a team that knows how to work together, and that saves you money by collaborating and having complete control over your project. You get the expertise of both our architects and construction crews, with the flexibility to be nimble when design changes arise.  Most importantly, building owners who choose the design-build project delivery model often spend between 15% to 25% less than those who choose the more traditional design-bid-build route.

We service Central Oregon, the Oregon coast, Willamette Valley and Portland communities. We build projects that match the style and unique requirements of each of our clients.


Community Involvement

Our employees connect with our projects and communities as we often have a public-schools, a winery, a restaurant, a church, etc. project in progress. We encourage the involvement in cause through year-round charitable efforts.

Some of the charities we have been involved with include: 

  • OHSU Tuality Healthcare’s ¡Salud! Services Program: O'Brien and company is a proud supporter of a Tuality Heathcare foundation, ¡Salud!. We attend their e-auction annually. ¡Salud! Services' mission is to provide a healthy future for vineyard workers and their families.
  • Solar Oregon: O'Brien is a current Business Member of Solar Oregon where we worked together for a better future.
  • Make A Wish Program: O'Brien and Company built a play home for Poppie, a child from Make a Wish Program.
  • Muarice Lucas Foundation: O'Brien and Company made donations for the foundation to help inner city at-risk youths.

O’Brien maintains high visibility in the community and provides fair opportunities for all. Our success in working with Coast, Willamette Valley, Portland, and Central Oregon subcontractors is supported by a company commitment to local participation.

We take pride in building quality projects and through our many decades as a builder, we can assure you that the end product will be something of which everyone is proud. Our efforts will be focused on both community and construction with equal attention to both. We are firmly committed to:

  • Using the local subcontractor base for all major portions of the work, thereby keeping the dollars within the local economy
  • Maintaining safe working conditions at all times
  • Maintaining a positive public image by being the consummate professional builder
  • Being diversified within our team and by reaching out to disadvantaged businesses


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In business since: 2011
Business Type: LLC
License Type: CCB
License #: 195235
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