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Asphalt Recovery & Paving LLC
915 SW Rimrock Way Suite 201-141
Redmond, OR 97756
Phone: 541-248-9086
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We are focused on providing the highest quality asphalt installation and maintenance, in the region. Taking into account the intended use of the land and your aesthetic desires. We provide free estimates for every order and guarantee that it will be done by our team of experienced and well trained asphalt layers.

Unlike most companies, we use our talents and experience, to provide homes and businesses, with quality asphalt installations.We promise that our paving will fit perfectly, with your desired landscaping. All the while, providing an easy to maintain, durable, surface to walk and drive on.

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Business Type: S-Corp
License Type: CCB
License #: 213629
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  • 2017 Excellence Award - New Member of the Year