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Full Moon Painting & Design , LLC
297 SE Fairview St
Prineville, OR 97754
Phone: 541-977-7768
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Professional painting & Fine Finish experts located in Prineville, OR. We specialize in: Residential & New Construction, Level 1 & 2 Commercial, custom homes, renovations, and restoration. We are proud partners with our product providers including Sherwin Williams, Denfeld, and Miller Paint. Full Moon Painting offers a wide variety of materials ranging from acrylics, oils, stains, lacque, epoxy, and enamels. We are a lead based certified business foundation. At the core of each project, we proritize safety, quality, and communciation between project managers and customers.

Let us build a relationship with you for your next painting or home renovation project. We are your home improvement experts! 

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In business since: 2016
Business Type: LLC
License Type: CCB
License #: 210294
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  • Certified Lead Based Paint Renovation Contractor