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Pacific Construction & Development
2747 SW 6th St. Suite 101
Redmond , OR 97756
Phone: 541-678-5751
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In his experience as a Superintendent and Project Manager for a very large construction company, TJ gained knowledge necessary to run small and large projects, alike. Pacific Home Builder's goal is to have a balanced work load that consists of subcontracting, our direct labor, to other General Contractors, as well as acting as the General Contractor and self performing much of the work, on our own projects. As with most successful company's, Pacific Home Builders is relationship driven, meaning relationships make up the cornerstone of the business. A positive relationship bewtween co-workers, owners, clients, subcontractors, etc. will be the contribuiting factor to the success of each specific project, as well as the overall success of the business.

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Business Type: S-Corp
License Type: CCB
License #: 170376
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  • 2014 COBA Tour of Homes - Best Feature
  • 2014 COBA Tour of Homes - Best Architectural Design
  • 2014 COBA Tour of Homes - Best Interior Finish
  • 2014 COBA Tour of Homes - Best Master Suite
  • 2014 COBA Tour of Homes - Best Garage
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Architectural Design
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Interior Finish
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Master Suite
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best of Show
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Landscaping