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Palmer LLC
63026 Lower Meadow Dr. Suite 130
Bend, OR 97701
Phone: 541-388-7300
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Palmer Homes began building homes in Central Oregon in 1977.  Since then, the company has continued to establish itself as a homebuilder who works with a passion to provide exceptional home design at an affordable price.

Beginning as a custom homebuilder, Palmer Homes built homes all over Central Oregon.  As the area grew, the need for quality community planning grew, and by the 1990’s Palmer Homes chose to direct their expertise to meet that need.  As a leader in the revival of craftsman design over 20 years ago, Palmer Homes has paid homage to Bend’s history.  Today, they continue to lead the industry through integration of new and interesting designs with a variety of styles.  

Each Palmer Home is built with permanence in mind, and as a 4th generation Oregonian, Vern Palmer and his wife Gretchen lead Palmer Homes with the patience, familiarity and understanding that come from experience.

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Business Type: LLC
License Type: CCB
License #: 185585
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  • Certified Lead Based Paint Renovation Contractor
  • 2016 COBA TOH - Best Kitchen
  • 2017 TOH - Best Kitchen
  • 2017 TOH - Best Feature
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Architectural Design
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Feature
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Interior Finish
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Kitchen
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Landscaping
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Master Suite
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best of Show
  • 2018 COBA TOH - Best Value
  • 2019 COBA TOH - Best Landscaping