What is the CCB?

CCB stands for the Construction Contractors Board.  It is a run by the State of Oregon and it is the best resource for verifying if the contractor you are considering is licensed, insured and bonded.  We make it easy for you to see the CCB information by linking the CCB website on the profile page of each company that has a contractors license.

Why Should I Care About It?

Of most importance to you, the consumer, is that you lose the ability to recover damages through the bond as well as the use of the CCB Dispute Resolution Service if you use an unlicensed contractor.

In addition, checking a contractor’s license can tell you:

  1. The contractor is licensed and the license is current.
  2. The contractor is bonded.  This simply means that the contractor has posted a bond with the Construction Contractor’s Board (CCB).  This bond is required by law and provides a limited amount of financial security for the property owners in the event that a contractor is ordered by the CCB to pay damages.  For more information on CCB bonding by visiting the CCB Surety Bonding webpage.
  3. The contractor has general liability insurance.  The CCB requires proof of liability insurance at time of application and renewal.  General liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury losses caused by the contractor that occur as a result of the contractor’s work.  Limitations on the insurance contracts vary from insurer to insurer.  For more information on CCB required Liability Insurance, you can visit the CCB Required Liability Insurance webpage by clicking here.  It should be noted that this confirms that the contractor was insured at time of licensing.  You should verify that the policy is still in effect before your project is started.
  4. The contractor carries Worker’s Comp Insurance to protect the contractor’s workers on the site.
  5. A listing of any breach of contract complaints filed with the CCB over the last 7 years.  To see a list of the types of complaints that you might find, you can visit the CCB Consumer Help page by clicking here.
  6. A listing of any disciplinary actions against a business in the last 7 years.

How to Get a CCB License

For information on how to obtain a CCB License, visit the Oregon Construction Contractors Board’s Steps to Get Licensed page.  Or, contact the CCB at 503-378-4621 and ask for a “Guide to becoming a licensed contractor.”