Tips for Choosing the Right Backyard Water Feature for Your Home

You love the relaxing sound of a babbling brook. Or maybe you’ve always wanted a koi pond. Or you love waterfalls of all kinds. Or you want to evoke images of your favorite river or stream in your backyard. Maybe your childhood home had a creek running through it. Whatever your logic, the idea of a water feature in your yard, that little idea that’s been poking at you for years, can’t be ignored any longer. You’re going to have that water feature somewhere on your property; now it’s just a matter of the location and details.

The majority of people interested in a water feature in their yard begin with ideas larger than their yards. So the first step in planning a water feature is often adjusting expectations. If you make a water feature too big for your yard, it becomes not only expensive quickly but it also dominates the landscaping to a degree that suggests immediately that you should have opted for a larger yard. Don’t get carried away.

Of course, the other side of that same issue is that if you make your water feature too small, you’ll always be looking at it with thoughts of what should have been. Careful consideration and planning now is certain to increase your future satisfaction with what will undoubtedly be a more involved process than you realized.

As your planned water feature gets larger, so too does the need for more water, larger pumps, more lining, more rocks, more of everything really. And that, obviously, leads to increased price. Knowing and understanding your budget as part of the process of planning your water feature will ensure that you choose the right size project. Start simple in your planning and add features as budget and understanding allows, rather than beginning with a complicated, expensive plan and then omitting steps along the way to save budget.

If your water feature will house koi or other fish, obviously, you will need to plan accordingly, and plan a pond of the right size and depth. Consult with the appropriate fish experts to ensure that your water feature will properly accommodate whatever species you are planning on keeping in it.

You may live in an area with freezing temperatures during stretches of the year. You’ll want to plan for that as well, by allowing for the possibility that all of the water in your feature will sometimes freeze or by adding chemicals to ensure that it never does. Make sure that any pumps or equipment you choose can accommodate the changes in weather that you are likely to see in your specific area.

Lastly, the sound of flowing water, as relaxing as it might seem to you now, may in fact prove to be distracting to your sleep, or that of your neighbors. Think about a water feature design that allows you to easily turn your water feature off at night or when you are away from your home. When the sound of flowing water is completely under your control, it tends to be a bit more relaxing.

As you think through the potential considerations involved in planning and installing a water feature, you may already be thinking that you may be in over your head. While we’re sure you’ve heard of any number of DIY water features out there, a high quality water feature typically comes from the work of a licensed and insured professional.

Choose from any of these contractors to learn more about the installation of your dream water feature.