Summer – Clean Out the BBQ for Summer Grilling

cleaning out the barbecue

The best time to clean off a grill is when it is still warm right after you cooked a meal. Yet if you forgot to do it before placing the grill into winter storage, you are going to have a tough time cleaning the old, stuck-on grime.

If you have a gas grill, turn it on and place a wet newspaper inside as the low heat will help steam clean the inside when the lid is closed. For charcoal grills, use some small wood pieces to create a small fire and place in the wet newspaper. Just make sure not to burn the newspaper.

Once everything is moistened, turn off the heat and remove the newspaper. Disconnect propane tanks so the grill can’t accidently turn on. Using some aluminum foil, loosely cover the heating elements. Now you are ready to clean.

Take out any dirty grill items that are removable and can be submerged in water, such as the grates, drip pan and metal plates. Soak them in a bucket of hot water and dish soap. Placing on the work gloves, get to scrubbing out the grill with a grill brush.

Wipe down the walls of the grill with a damp paper towel after you scrubbed off the grime. All the scraped debris should have collected on the aluminum foil as you can simply remove it and dump everything into the trash. As the inside of the grill dries, you can start scrubbing the items soaking in the bucket.

Scrape off the grime and debris from the grate and drip pan. Once all the grime is off, rinse down the things with your garden hose and let dry. Place the things back into your grill. You are now ready to start creating your favorite meals.

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