Spring – Spring has Sprung, it’s Time to Examine the Sprinkler System

Benefits Summary:

  • Efficient sprinkler systems save money by using less water.
  • A lawn of lush green grass.

Central Oregon normally has a cool and wet spring and watering isn’t usually needed until late Spring (late May – early June), however this year is off to a slightly warmer than normal start.  So as temperatures warm up and plants wake for a new growth season, be sure your sprinkler system is ready.

Before you reactivate your sprinkler system, use a shovel or space to be sure the soil is frost-free for a full twelve inches in depth. 

Replace the batteries in the automatic controller. Reintroduce water to the system but use caution! Pressure can build within the system if pipes fill with water more quickly than air can escape. Visually inspect each component for damage or wear and repair or replace it as needed.

A certified professional can easily prepare your system for spring, ensuring the water pressure is maintained at peak levels and that each component is in good repair. They will also evaluate if landscape and/or hardscape changes require updates in the system.

Find a sprinkler system professional!

While you’re getting your outdoors ready for spring, remove the covers from your faucets and foundation vents.