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Malace Homes
PO BOX 2332
Bend, OR 97709
Phone: 541-408-2178
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Malace Homes is a luxury home builder serving all of Central Oregon.  We love to build homes for an owner to grow equity over time that are sustainable, earth friendly, energy efficient, and of distinctive design. 

Where you chose to dwell effects your thinking, actions, and how you enjoy your own personal journey through life.  I ask you to consider Malace Homes, before you make any compromise and I would like to invite you to reveiw one of our available houses.  Exceptional quality, exceptional value.  Malace Homes.

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In business since: 2015
Business Type: LLC
License Type: CCB
License #: 208332
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  • 2019 COBA TOH - Green Building Award
  • 2020 COBA TOH - Best Kitchen