About Us

The Central Oregon Builders Association is a non-profit trade association consisting of builders, subcontractors, material suppliers, lending institutions, utilites and many others whose primary interest is the promotion, protection and improvement of the building industry.

Operation of COBA is directed by a Board of Directors; all of whom are elected by the membership and serve without salary. The membership area of responsibility encompasses all of Crook, Deschutes, Grant, Gilliam, Harney, Hood River, Jefferson, Malheur, Sherman, Wasco and Wheeler counties.

Our Executive Vice President and other staff members are employed by the HBA to administer policies determined by the Board of Directors, to keep the membership abreast of industry developments and to work with committees on numerous projects and problems in the field of housing.

The multiple services provided by COBA, obtainable nowhere else, are the benefits from a modest annual membership dues payment. This makes the Central Oregon Builders Association just about the least expensive, yet most productive employee a firm can have. By becoming a COBA member, the list of opportunities for personal and professional growth is endless.